About the Author:

Blake Stacey, BE (Ceram, Hons), Dip ED, GAICD.

Blake pic

Blake has studied materials and worked in the ceramics field for over 30 years.

Blake has worked in the manufacturing and technical aspects of building products for the past 14 years, as Technical Manager and Production Manager in the Brickworks Ltd group in WA, and more recently as Technical Consultant in his own company: Real Material Solutions Pty Ltd:  http://www.real-mat-sol.com

Blake offers manufacturing consulting for bricks and roof tiles, and independent building inspection services.

“I was in China consulting at a factory, and saw these Pavers: they are both beautiful and technically superior. They are perfectly suited to Perth where we need to manage our heavy winter storms and drainage issues carefully; and we need to get water cleanly and directly into the aquifers that we depend upon.’

About the Factory:

The factory is based in China, and is one of 3 or 4 plants in China using Japanese developed technology to produce this type of permeable paver from waste wall and floor tiles.

The factory is situated near Shanghai, near the wall and floor tile manufacturers.