Project Specification wording:

Recommended Project Paving Materials:

Significant economic and environmental benefits can be gained for this project from the use of hard fired permeable ceramic pavers: Fast Flow Pavers TM.

Site water contained:

Fast Flow Pavers will ensure that all water on site will be infiltrated to ground water, and without the need for soak wells and associated open drains.

This provides an initial capital cost saving, plus reduced ongoing maintenance in the cleaning of drains.

Public health and safety risks reduced:

Safety risks associated with drain covers and sloping areas around drains are also mitigated.

Reduction in craned delivery items and earthworks associated with soak wells is also an advantage to the project in terms of project timing, and hole depth on site.

Fast Flow Pavers require that the aggregate underneath be blue metal or stone based, which is required for commercial traffic loads in any case.

Environmental conditions satisfied:

Fast Flow Pavers are made from waste raw materials, and conserve water from contamination in drainage systems. Therefore the environmental benefits of using this paver will satisfy the project requirements.

Local company support:

Fast Flow Paving is supported by local company Rema Stone Pty Ltd, based in Bibra Lake. Technical matters are supported by Mr Blake Stacey of Perth based company Piazza Products Pty Ltd.


Fast Flow Pavers require water jet cleaning every 6 to 12 months, to ensure silt does not clog the pores. It is envisaged that this project would require this level of cleaning if other surfaces were used.



Downloadable pdf and jpg cross sections:

fast flow pavers_FI

Downloadable pdf:   fast flow pavers_FI

Autocad line drawing in AutoCAD available on request.


fast flow pavers_WC

Downloadable pdf: fast flow pavers_WC